A Unique Offering


My offering is different from other sales development programmes in that I work with you and your sales team, through advice, coaching and mentoring to ensure you are best prepared to understand the customer’s perspective.

A venerable and successful salesman once said to me that he had never sold in his life, he had just had conversations.

Whilst simplistic, it is true that the most successful sales people tend to be those that establish their credibility through building a rapport or empathy with the potential customer.

What this means in practice is that they don’t try to sell but instead have conversations about what matters to the customer, on their terms and in their language.

Regrettably, many sales people do not have that ability or the understanding of where the customer is coming from, their constraints and processes or their industry issues.

The sellITbetter proposition is to provide IT software and services companies with the skills, collateral and commercial nous to enable those empathetic conversations to take place.

Through my customer-centric coaching programme I reshape the way your sales-people think. What this will do is to change the way in which they work. It will alter the way that you, as a company, approach your engagement and communication with potential customers.

My  coaching will get you on the shortlist,  get you to the table, where you can deliver your proposition, and will help you to win that all important business.

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