The Masterclass

Win More Bids Understanding the buyer’s perspective.

The 1 day sellITbetter Masterclass.

A unique opportunity to learn how to Win More Bids by understanding what your customer has to go through to buy your product; the hidden criteria, processes and the vital insights only a buyer can tell you.


Why should you choose this course?

Any of these statements reasonate?

  • I wish we had known more about their internal motivators
  • I didn’t know the process would be so long and cumbersome
  • The sponsor loved us but somehow we didn’t win it
  • I can’t believe they didn’t find our proposition compelling
  • We couldn’t bring to life what added value we provide
  • The Business were fine, talking to Procurement was difficult
  • Our materials don’t do us any favours

One of the major challenges some sales people have is that they look at potential deals from their point of view and how their company sees them. The ability to step back and view the proposition from the customer’s perspective is often missed.
The one day sell IT better Masterclass builds and develops an insight into how major buying organisations work, who is involved, their constraints & drivers and how to better achieve credibility in their eyes, and thus win the business.

Who should attend?

The Masterclass will be invaluable for anyone involved in the IT software and sales process. This includes pre-sales, bid support teams as well as Sales Directors, Managers and their teams.

What is the course outcome?

A venerable and successful salesman once said that he had never sold in his life, he had just had conversations. Whilst simplistic, it is true that the most successful sales people tend to be those that manage to establish an empathy or rapport with the customer and therefore win more bids. The Masterclass delivers a better understanding of the customer’s thinking and processes enabling that empathetic conversation.

Through attending the Masterclass delegates will be able to:

  • Understand what I, as the customer, have to go through in order to buy your product/service
  • Build more empathy with the client leading to better and longer relationships
  • Produce proposals that more closely align with clients’ objectives
  • Be better prepared to develop and deliver win-win propositions
  • Lose fewer bids because they do not miss the key deciding factors

What are the course materials?

The sellITbetter Masterclass comprises presentations, leader guided discussions and interactive exercises. Delegates will each get a bound copy of the materials.

If you are interested in attending a Masterclass, or oganising a Masterclass for your team email me on