The Coaching Programme

Through my coaching programme I reshape the way your sales people think.


What this will do is to change the way in which they work. It will alter the way that you, as a company, approach your engagement and communication with potential customers.

There are three elements to the sellITbetter coaching programme…

Shape the Team – providing people with the skills and understanding to become credible

Shape the Message – communicating the value proposition in a language and manner that delivers credibly what the customer wants, needs and values

Shape the Propositionbecoming easy to do business with


Shape the Team

Shape the Team is a set of learning modules designed to equip sales people with the skills and understanding that will enable them to hold empathetic and valuable conversations, through which they will able to establish their and their company’s credibility.

The sellITbetter Masterclass

A unique and intensive one day Masterclass that delivers a valuable insight into how major FS organisations work.
How they buy; the stakeholders, their drivers and constraints; how to influence them and most of all, how to better achieve credibility in the eyes of the potential customer.

Value or relationship led selling workshop

A facilitated half day workshop that successfully identifies where an organisation has hidden added value’ that could be offered to the customer as a tangible differentiator, either as a cost benefit or perhaps as a ‘pain removal’.

The outputs are extensively used in shaping the commercial proposition and the materials, particularly in the Executive summaries in answering the vital question‘Why You’.

Discussion with ‘non functional people’ workshop

A facilitated workshop that explores the influencing factors that enable an empathetic conversation to be held with an influential ‘buyer’

The buyer being someone who knows little about the company, its services and products, and only a little about the industry in which it operates. A typical procurement role, a purchasing gatekeeper or perhaps a technology risk manager.

Individual sales meeting role plays

A one hour role play designed to take the salesperson out of their product functionality/service comfort zone.

This role play enables them to gain the confidence to discuss the aspects that matter to other stakeholders (e.g. Procurement, Technology, Change Management) and thereby build a rapport and credibility.

 Shape the Message

Many IT sales organisations do not have repeatable and consistent document standards nor do their people have effective writing skills.

This means that they have to create pitches, proposals and presentations from scratch or undertake the error prone practice of cut & paste.

This also leads to inconsistent and poorly written messages being delivered to the potential customer.

Through a unique set of services, including, deep dive critiques of the materials, Shape the Message delivers a set of consistently worded reusable sales artefacts that:

    • Look & feel professional and make it easy to read from the customer’s perspective
    • Are written in a way that brings the organisation and its products to life in a language that means something to the customer
    • Takes away around 80% of the drudgery in producing these types of document, enabling the team to spend more time with customers

Shape the Proposition

When constructing their commercial proposition many IT companies fail to understand, or choose to ignore, the constraints and processes that the potential customer is bound by. As a result they immediately alienate the customer.

Through its unrivalled buying & business experience, Shape the Proposition provides insight on the challenges that the customer faces and how to construct commercial models that indicate an empathy with them.

This subtlety then in turn makes the negotiation far less confrontational and creates the perception of beingeasy to do business with’.