Kind Words

sellitbetterSome kind words provided by my valued clients who have benefited from the skills, knowledge and experience that sellITbetter provides

“It has been a while now since our cold calling session, but it gave us an injection of confidence and a good platform to build from. As you know some of my team are naturals and got it more quickly than others. You spotted the good ones in the session and your observations were spot on.

However, overall the workshop on Cold Calling was fun, thought provoking and innovative and the team has seen a significant sales increase as a result.”

Brendan Walsh, CEO, Smartbin


“John, thanks – it has made a world of difference working with you on the tender, I don’t think I’ll be approaching a tender of this scale in the same way again.”

Steve Powell, Strategic Account Manager NCC Group


“I appreciate how you have moulded and coached us in how to present ourselves to the bank.”

Sean Fitzgerald, CEO Sentenial


“John, thanks again for your advice on this deal – you made a major contribution towards this successful conclusion!”

Brian Hanrahan, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Sentenial


The answer to the question ‘”what tangible difference had the sellITbetter coaching programme made”

  • The clarity around what they were actually offering made it easier for the customer to buy
  • Everything is simpler and more professional
  • The messaging is consistent
  • It definitely had resulted in the sales team closing more deals

Head of Sales, Information Services, major London Market infrastructure