Not Winning Enough Bids?


As a very experienced buyer of IT software and services, I can tell you exactly how to position your product, how to navigate the processes, who the stakeholders are and what they really want & need to know and how best to give it to them… giving you the insights only a buyer can!

If you can answer yes to any of the questions below, then this is exactly how I can help you. 

  1. I wish we had known more about the prospective customer and their internal drivers
  2. I didn’t know the process would be so long and cumbersome
  3. The sponsor loved us but somehow we didn’t win it
  4. I can’t believe they didn’t find our proposition compelling
  5. They asked us what added value we provide
  6. I was fine with the business people but procurement were just difficult
  7. Our materials don’t do us any favours
  8. I wanted to tell them all about what we had to offer but they just wanted a conversation
  9. My sales team is ineffective – they rely on me for everything